June 3rd, Tuesday, 2014
Koshiba Hall, Tokyo University
Special lecture

Prof. Albert J. Libchaber
Detlev W. Bronk Professor,
The Rockefeller University
Professor, Institute of Advanced Study

Awards and Honors
1986 Wolf prize in Physics
1999 The Prix des Trois Physiciens from Fondation de France
1982 Member of French Academy of Sciences
1999 Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2007 Member of the National Academy of Sciences of USA
13:00-13:50Special lecture by Albert Libchaber
"From bacteria to artificial cells. The problem of self reproduction"
13:50-14:20Taro Toyota
"Locomotion of tubular giant vesicles"
14:20-14:50Hiroyuki Ebata
"Mode bifurcations of a swimming droplet driven by Faraday wave"
15:15-15:45Sosuke Ito
"Information thermodynamics reveals the robustness of biochemical signal transduction"
15:45-16:15Yoshihiro Murayama
"Fluctuations and response of Volvox colonies"
16:15-16:45Satoshi Sawai
"Temporal and spatial sensing and self-organizing behaviors"
16:45-17:15Discussion with Albert Libchaber
18:00-20:00Party (Matsumotorou)
Registration fee
Banquet fee
4,000 JPY
Masaki Sano,
Sano Laboratory, Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo
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