June 10th, Tuesday, 2014
Maskawa Hall, Kyoto University
Special lecture

Prof. Albert J. Libchaber
Detlev W. Bronk Professor,
The Rockefeller University
Professor, Institute of Advanced Study

Awards and Honors
1986 Wolf prize in Physics
1999 The Prix des Trois Physiciens from Fondation de France
1982 Member of French Academy of Sciences
1999 Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2007 Member of the National Academy of Sciences of USA
09:00-09:05Opening remarks
09:05-10:15 Young scientist session 1:
Emergent dynamics in artificial systems
  • Tomo Kurimura (Kyoto University)
    "Repetitive motion of a micro-object in a DC electric field"
  • Yukinori Nishigami (Kyoto University)
    "Reconstruction of amoeboid locomotion using actomyosin fraction"
  • Ken H. Nagai (JAIST)
    "Swarming of self-propelled particles subjected to colored orientational noise"
  • Yosuke Bansho (Osaka University)
    "Oscillation and evolution dynamics of an artificial Host-Parasite system"
10:15-10:45Tetsuya Yomo (Osaka University)
"Evolution experiment in a translation coupled RNA replication System within a cell like compartment"
11:00-12:00Albert Libchaber (The Rockefeller University)
"From bacteria to artificial cells. The problem of repronduction"
14:00-14:50 Young scientist session 2:
Physics and chemistry of artificial cells
  • Hiroaki Ito (Kyoto University)
    "Dynamical formation of cell-sized lipid bilayer vesicles for synthesis of artificial cells"
  • Tsutomu Hamada (JAIST)
    "Artificial lipid vesicles which produce cellular dynamics"
  • Kanta Tsumoto (Mie University)
    "Protein integration and encapsulation in giant liposomes"
14:50-15:10Yoshihiro Shimizu (RIKEN QBiC)
"Reconstitution of a translation system from molecular parts"
15:30-15:50Hirohide Saito (Kyoto University)
"Synthetic circuits and nanostructures based on RNA protein interaction modules"
15:50-16:40 Young scientist session 3:
Physics of cellular dynamics
  • Akihiro Isomura (Kyoto University)
    "Entrainment of mammalian ultradian oscillators by light"
  • Hiroaki Takagi (Nara Medical University)
    "Spontaneous cell migration and its relevance to cellular stochastic sensing"
  • Katsuhiko Sato (RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology)
    "Collective migration of cohesive cells induced by left-right asymmetric junction remodeling"
16:40-17:30Discussion with Albert Libchaber
17:30-17:35Closing remarks
18:00-20:00Party (Coop in North campus)
Registration fee
Banquet fee
3,500 JPY
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The Hakubi Center, Kyoto University
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