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Yuki Sakamoto, and *Shoichi Toyabe,
Assembly of a functional and responsive microstructure by heat bonding of DNA-grafted colloidal brick,
Scientific Reports 7, 9104 (2017).

[Summary] A micromachine constructed to possess various chemical and mechanical functions is one of the ultimate targets of technology. Conventional lithographic processes can be used to form complicated structures. However, they are basically limited to rigid and static structures with poor surface properties. Here, we demonstrate a novel method for assembling responsive and functional microstructures from diverse particles modified with DNA strands. The DNA strands are designed to form hairpins at room temperature and denature when heated. Structures are assembled through the simultaneous manipulation and heating of particles with “hot” optical tweezers, which incorporates the particles one by one. The flexible connection formed by DNA strands allows the responsive deformation of the structures with local controllability of the structural flexibility. We assembled a microscopic robot arm actuated by an external magnet, a hinge structure with a locally controlled connection flexibility and a three-dimensional double helix structure. The method is simple and can also be applied to build complex biological tissues from cells.

International Conferences



*Shoichi Toyabe,
Symmetry breaking of sequence information in templated ligation,
The Origin of Life − Synergy among the RNA, Protein, and Lipid Worlds − (May 29-30, 2017), Tokyo, Japan.



Shoichi Toyabe, Dieter Braun,
Emergence of genetic information in information-polymer soup,
Molecular Origins of Life (Sep. 15-16, 2016), Munich, Germany.

Shoichi Toyabe and Dieter Braun,
Symmetry Breaking of Sequence Information and Emergence of Hypercycles in Information-polymer Soup,
Statphys-Taiwan 2016 (Sep. 6-8, 2016), Taipei, Taiwan.


*Hiroyuki Fujino, Ibuki Kawamata, Shin-Ichiro Nomura, Eiro Muneyuki, Satoshi Murata and Shoichi Toyabe,
Building molecular robot made of biological molecular motor and DNA-origami,
DNA 22 (Sep. 4-9, 2016), Munich, Germany.

Shoichi Toyabe and Dieter Braun,
Sequence Hypercycles by Competitive Ligation,
Statphys 26 (Jul. 18-22, 2016), Lyon, France.

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) on Innovative Areas, MEXT, Japan
Synergy of Fluctuation and Structure : Quest for Universal Laws in Non-Equilibrium Systems